Why Primal?

When most people think of the word "primal," the first image that comes to mind is probably that of cavemen hunting with spears while cavewomen forage for leafy greens. In fact, this image may not be too far off from the actual habits of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. While we don't expect our customers to hunt wild buffalo (that could get dangerous in rush hour traffic), we do respect the principles of our prehistoric ancestors which include the idea of eating fresh, locally-sourced, preservative-free food.

During prehistoric times, it was virtually impossible to eat processed foods that came pre-packaged from convenience stores. People ate what was around them; locally available meat in which the animal was killed humanely and none of the animal went to waste, fruits and vegetables that grew locally, and as time went on, a small amount of grains that were harvested on local plots of land. More importantly, the need for food was one of the factors that led to the early growth of communities. As people began to till and harvest the land and trade food for other necessary supplies, small societies based on mutual respect and needs began to grow.

Today, at Primal Kitchen, we aim to embody the ideals of our primal ancestors as we create our menu items using ingredients that have been locally sourced, humanely produced, and whenever possible, contribute to the livelihood of local farmers and ranchers.

We hope you'll come in and join us for a meal. Just please leave your spear outside!

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